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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drive safe - Be safe

Indian roads and driving conditions are a point of discussion and surprise to almost all those who have ever wanted to drive in safer conditions.

As observed everyday a lot of people get injured and killed because of a lot of road accidents. These accidents occur mainly due to two reasons firstly because of the weird road conditions and secondly because of lenient traffic rules.

In India specially, we might see a number of boys and girls riding their vehicles at a tender age of 15- 16 years itself. Apart from that, due to lack of strict traffic rules in India people take the disadvantage of it by rash driving, not following the traffic rules and above all not respecting others who are following traffic rules.

To avoid the instances of road accidents or sometimes troubling others while driving abruptly it is advisable to impart the knowledge about the importance of traffic rules and Traffic signs in India. In fact it is highly necessary to pass on the driving license test before you start driving a vehicle. That is not just mandatory for your own safety but for the safety of others as well who might get injured because of somebody's ignorant driving.

For that a number of driving schools have been opened in different cities in India so that people might not get deprived of the best practices while driving. These driving schools give you the best of the training about how to drive a vehicle following the set traffic rules and traffic signs.

People might say that the traffic in their cities is not ordered but then before blaming others one should try and understand one's own moral responsibility of being a responsible person while driving a vehicle. Specially while driving on highways or highly packed routes it is recommended to follow the traffic signs and traffic rules in order to save any unwanted incident.

A lot of other measures can be taken in order to have safer driving conditions such as driving in your own lane, not overtaking from a wrong side, driving the vehicle in a set speed according to the route wherein you are driving, taking care of proper servicing of your vehicle and of course following all the basic rules of traffic while driving.

Remember driving a vehicle is very easy but driving a vehicle with safety and skills is very difficult. So try and achieve the target of accomplishing the difficult part of it as the easier part doesn't prove you mature enough.